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We select for you types of operative and matching visitor's chairs which are different from those preeminent on the market.  We find the newest European solutions in terms of design and ergonomy, which are accessible to the Bulgarian consumers. Our aim is to offer office chairs which underscore your individuality - as a person, when you are using an individual workspace at home or in the office, or as a team -  when you are creating workspaces for a group of colleagues.

In order to develop a new kind of office chair, our team of specialists has for years been working closely with some of the leading Italian companies in the contemporary office chair development industry. This is not all - we develop our partners' ready-made solutions further, thus creating office chairs with a new look and qualities, which can also be customized to fit your specific needs and wants.  In addition, we reserve exclusive rights for Bulgaria for some of the ready-made Italian models!

In our site, you can customize your office chair, by choosing the kind of upholstery - leather or material,  and respectively its colour. You can choose between different coloured platic for the structure of your chair - black, silver or white. The chair can be delivered with different types of armrests , and we have offered  those suitable for each chair type, so that you have the right of choice. Office chairs are offered with different kinds of bases - plastic or chrome coated.  You can also choose the mechanism for controllong the seat and backrest - look through the options to determine which suit you best. And if for some reason the models offered do not correspond with your idea of the chair you are looking for, you can get  in touch with us.Together we will discuss your needs and wants so that we can create the chair you want to use and have!

This is our understanding of the company's motto - Time to move on.