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General Conditions


regarding relations with distance contract clients for the purchase of office chairs through the UNISED site.

1. These general conditions establish the order, terms and conditions of the distance contract between Unised Ltd and its clients, who have bought office chairs through the UNISED web site, as well as all other relations and disagreements arising from this contract.
2. The general conditions are mandatory for Unised Ltd and its clients. The clients verify their acceptance of the general conditions by clicking the confirmation in the window under the order, which they place on-line. The contract between the sides is considered in force from the date of the receipt of the confirmation of the order placement issued by Unised Ltd for the order placed through the web site.
3. The client has the right to withdraw from the contract signed with Unised Ltd without owing anything or pointing out the reasons for it, within 7 work days starting from the date of its receipt with the exception of the cases in which the goods have been used or its appearance is no longer marketable.

4. The product has to be returned in its preserved original package, in which it has been delivered. The client has to use the packaging in the way it has been used by the supplier, so as to protect the chair from damage during shipment.Products returned have to be acompanied by a facture or a facture with a receipt (with payment on delivery), a receiver - protocol for delivery and other documents included in the package (such as a warranty card etc.) if such were to be found there.

5. A product is to be returned through a shipping company, at the expense of the customer, to the address of Unised Ltd in Lovech, e.g. Lovech, Manufacture and Warehouse Facility. Please inform us of your actions regarding product return.

6. Unised Ltd exclusively guarantees the refund of the sum paid by the client, minus the sum for shipping the product back only in the cases where points 3,4 and 5 from the General Conditions have been met. The refund of the amount paid by the client is only refunded via bank transfer to a bank account specified by the client. In these cases the transfer of refund is carried out within 7 work days. In case the client has not met the conditions, the supplier informs him in written at an address specified by the customer. The supplier is not responsible for incorrectly entered bank information.

7. The receipt protocol, the facture (in cases of bank transfer) or the facture with the receipt (in cases of payment on delivery, issued by Unised Ltd are the documents, proof of the clients’ being one and they need to be kept . In case these documents are not shown by the client, all responsibilities of Unised Ltd towards him are waived.

8. The client has the right to a free warranty service within the respective warranty time period which is specified in the UNISED web site or on the warranty card accompanying the chair. If the repairs are needed due to improper use, incorrect storage and handling or deliberate actions on part of the customer and are causing the product to be unfit for use, Unised Ltd is not responsible. For details about the warranty conditions please visit the “ General Warranty Conditions” and “ Conditions for maintenance and handling” sections of the site in the “care for the customer “ subsection.

9. For warranty and postwarranty service, the product has to be delivered at the addresses pointed out in point 5 of the General Conditions by a shipping company or personally, and all shipping costs incurred to and from the service are at the client’s expense. Unised Ltd is not responsible for products shipped in a manner different from the one described above.

10. The company provides warranty and postwarranty service with a quality guarantee. The services which are not in the “warranty” category are paid for in accordance with a fee tariff. UNISED clients are served on a priority basis.

11. Unised Ltd reserves the right to change the products’ specifications, delivery conditions, payment, prices and others at all times. These changes are not relevant for orders already placed.