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Kaleido is design. Kaleido is mood. Kaleido is charged with energy.It  Inspires ideas and stimulates your imagination. 

Are talent and creativity the key to your company's success?  Position Kaleido in your office's “hotspots” - the areas where people communicate most actively, where they create, where they have fun. And stimulate their involvement with Kaleido and its colors. Green for stimulating the freedom of expression; Red to embolden risktaking; White with Sky Blue to relax.

The seat and backrest are from a highly resistant plastic (ABS) with a glossy coating. Easily changeable, they can be combined in 5 different colors.. Kaleido is exceptionally light and compact. It is easily transportable, and up to 20 chairs can be moved simultaneously using special carts. It is available in the following versions: on four legs or with a closed type of construction. With and without armrests. Standard height and bar chair. On castors with height regulation.