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Motto – with the playfulness and creativity of youth.
A chair for curious and active people. Those who study, grow, communicate, create. Good ideas are born everywhere. In the training room, the informal corners, around the table where we work with our team, or while we are drinking coffee with colleagues.
Moto opens up the true potential of your space. You can place it around the tables for interactive training. Or when you hold workshops or inductions for the whole team. The movable tables are useful for taking notes or working with a tablet. The clamps for connecting the chairs into a row ensure that your room is always looking good.
Motto is compact and light. You can effortlessly move it where you need it. And to save time, you can easily transport up to 20 chairs at a time. It is also incredibly comfortable. The backrest is elastic, with an ergonomic curve which perfectly envelops the back. The seat and the backrest can be upholstered.